Vizio 2021
- Commercial -
June 20, 2021
This is Partner

Motion Design and Visual Effects for product videos comprising Vizio's 2021 marketing campaign.

Client: This Is Partner, Vizio
Visual Effects: Outpost VFX
Visual effects supervisor: David Gidali, Tamir Wise, Art Miroshin, Meny Hilsenrad
CG animation and compositing: Shay Goldberg, David Gidali, Uzi Mor, Meny Hilsenrad.
Compositing QC & VFX coordinator: Jennifer Van Horn, Michael Koerbel

Continuing the trend from last year, our involvement with Vizio’s annual product showcase kept growing this year. In addition to run-of-the-mill screen replacements and invisible effects for the “lifestyle” practical footage portions, CG rendered product “beauty” shots, and the newly conceptualized “CG worlds” sequences which saw real performers inhabiting CG environments, we also generated a long list of static and animated CG assets for Vizio’s website, and for print publications.

For the CG worlds sequences, careful attention was paid to the camera angles and lighting directions when shooting the actors on green-screen, to ensure they matched the storyboarded content while enabling flexibility to tweak certain shots if necessary. And indeed, as the edits evolved, adjustments in camera and timing were relatively easy to implement thanks to our approach.

But by far the most challenging aspect this year was the pure juggling act of handling the torrent of element turnovers, revisions, additions, omissions, priority changes and timeline updates. We fought tooth and nail to maintain an efficient workflow, which enabled us to not only reach the initial milestones despite insurmountable obstacles, but also tackle new tasks piled on in addition. This level of competency was only possible due to the hard work of post coordinators Michael Koerbel and Jennifer Van Horn, and the determination and patience of our team leaders Shay Goldberg, Art Miroshin, Tamir Weiss, Meny Hilsenrad and Uzi Mor.

MQ6 product video:


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