- Commercial -
June 12, 2014

This Quiznos-branded content piece, a follow-up to the highly viral "House of Thrones", earned mention in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Playboy and numerous other online publications.

Outpost VFX was contracted by WINDOWSEAT to help visionary director Oren Kaplan create this fictitious "Star Wars" trailer (as if directed by "Entourage" character Vince) in a little over two weeks.

VFX supervisor David Gidali adds, "Startourage was a ride down memory lane - it called for the recreation of some of our favorite space ships and battle sequences from the original Star Wars movies, while augmenting them based on the teaser for the new Star Wars film.

"At first we were frightened by the tight turnaround, but we soon realized that the comedy benefited from the Visual Effects having a certain 'rushed' aspect - since they were allegedly directed by Vince as well. Despite the short turnaround, we got so invested in quality out of respect to the original, that we had to dial it down towards the end in service of the narrative."


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