YouTube Music
- Commercial -
February 25, 2024
YouTube - Xpedition

Sprinkling bubbly visuals on YouTube Music's popping new ad: Dinoboy VFX jams with director Sharon Chetrit and Xpedition on their uplifting new spot.

n the latest collaboration that's setting YouTube Music's advertising on fire, Dinoboy VFX, under the visionary guidance of director Sharon Chetrit and in partnership with Xpedition, has once again pushed the boundaries of visual storytelling. Our team masterfully integrated a CG lava-lamp into the live-action footage, creating a mesmerizing effect that embodies the fluidity and dynamism of music itself. This was not just about adding a visual element; it was about infusing the scene with a vibrant, living energy that dances to the rhythm of YouTube Music's beats.

Beyond the captivating lava-lamp, Dinoboy VFX elevated the ad with an array of 2D and 3D motion graphics overlays, injecting an extra layer of pop and color that truly makes the spot stand out. These graphical enhancements were not mere decorations but vital components that complemented the narrative, engaging the viewer's imagination and drawing them deeper into the musical journey. Furthermore, our team executed seamless invisible effects, including sophisticated screen replacements, that polished the final output to perfection. These meticulous touches, though unseen, significantly contributed to the ad's overall immersive experience, showcasing our commitment to excellence and attention to detail in every frame.


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