SyFy - Krypton
- Promo -
February 1, 2018
And Company

Krypton Season 1Promoting SyFy's show Krypton, this ominous spot foreshadows the inevitable fall of the house of El, and Superman's ancestry.The spot was the first creative collaboration between LA-based Outpost VFX and Minsk-based Resight. We're proud to give you the outcome.

Client: Syfy, andCompany.

Production: Outpost VFX, Resight.

Creative Director: Charlotte West, Joshua Smith.

Art Director: David Gidali, Andrey Voytishin.
Production Coordinator: Igor Kreinin.
Animation, Simulation: Andrey Voytishin, Aleksandr Bondar, Shay Goldberg, David Gidali.
VFX: Andrey Voytishin.
Modeling: Andrey Voytishin, Aleksandr Bondar, Vadim Kozlov.
Texturing, Shading, Lighting: Andrey Voytishin.
Rendering, Compositing: Andrey Voytishin.


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