Boost Infinite's Wireless Utopia | Explorer
- Commercial -
November 17, 2023
Boost - Mayda - We Are Covert

Step into a Wireless Wonderland: Dinoboy VFX collaborates with The Mayda Creative Co. and We Are Covert on Boost Infinite's "Wireless Utopia" campaign. Discover the art of on-set VFX supervision under tight deadlines.

Dinoboy VFX is proud to announce our role in Boost Infinite's "Wireless Utopia" campaign, a collaboration with The Mayda Creative Co. and post-production house We Are Covert.

Filmed in LA, this was the second of three spots where we provided on-set VFX supervision.

The project presented a unique challenge: a tight turnaround that demanded a highly restrictive shooting style.

Under the guidance of Dinoboy's David Gidali, we navigated these constraints, making bold yet calculated decisions to ensure the project was completed on time and at the highest quality.


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