Hilton Honors - Roblox
- Commercial -
February 12, 2024
Hilton Honors - Sawhorse

Dinoboy VFX Reinvents Hilton Honors Ad in Roblox Style: A SlivingLand Spectacle with Paris Hilton Avatar Magic.

Dinoboy VFX embraced the unique challenge presented by Sawhorse Productions with remarkable creativity and technical prowess, transforming a live-action Hilton Honors commercial into a Roblox-style animation masterpiece. The task at hand was to replicate the original commercial shot-for-shot, featuring Paris Hilton and her iconic Sliving lifestyle brand, within the blocky and vibrant world of Roblox. This required a deep understanding of the original performances, translating the subtlety and stoicism of live-action into the exaggerated and expressive realm of video game avatars, a feat that demanded both ingenuity and a nuanced grasp of character animation.

The project posed a dual challenge: not only did we need to capture the essence of the celebrities and their performances in a drastically different medium, but we also had to recreate the luxury and elegance of the Hilton Hotel environment in a way that stayed true to the Roblox aesthetic. Achieving this delicate balance required close collaboration with Sawhorse Productions, whose exceptional character design and modeling laid the foundation for our work. By leveraging our expertise in animation and visual effects, we successfully bridged the gap between the real and the virtual, delivering a spot that resonates with audiences across both worlds, maintaining the high standards of the Hilton brand while engaging the playful spirit of Roblox fans.

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