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Immersive Video
April 29, 2018

A 360-degree immersive experience design especially for the Holodome exhibit at the MOPOP Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle.

Client: WeVR
Director: Luis Blackaller

Visual Effects by Outpost VFX
VFX Supervisor: David Gidali

Visual Effects by Snowball
CEOs Yoni Cohen & Eran Barel
Creative Director: Tal Fisher

This five and a half minutes long immersive film was commissioned by Vulcan, Paul Alan's science-inspired philanthropy venture, specifically for the "HOLODOME" attraction: a 360-degree immersive theater permanently set up in the "MOPOP" in Seattle. Under the visionary guidance of VR director Luis Blackaller, and the production team at WeVR, David Gidali and Outpost VFX were hired to bring Luis's vision of a treacherous alien planet, where monstrous creatures threaten human explorers.

The technical and creative challenges were as scary as the planet visited: a budget that didn't allow any errors, a tight and unmovable deadline and a huge delivery format. To ensure a successful mission, Gidali joined forces with Snowball VFX, a studio he was a founding member of in his early career, and where he played the role of CG/VFX supervisor for the first time.

With a great team ready to execute an ambitious vision - next came the creative challenge of designing an experience living in a unique projection environment. For this, David and Luis created a detailed 3D pre-vis which they tested in VR using a simulation of the Holodome.

Additional Snowball credits:

VFX Producer: Roni Brand Hershkovich
VFX Production Manager: Eitan Gafny
CG Supervisor: Eric Harvey
Art Director: Michael Burde
Animation Director: Eran Lazar
Concept Artists: Tammuz Kay, Israel Breslav, Evgeny Kobuziatski
3D Artists: Vladimir Loginov, Eran Levy, Yevgeny Krachak, Yanir Tearosh, Almog Mizrachi, Sheli Ben Yair, Ori Medina
Animators: Tsahi Reznick, Artur Kazine
Compositors: Rotem Tsulker, Nathan Elias, Boris Klimenko, Artium Belikovetski
Technical Support and IT: Amit Adar, Yuval Yosef, Ido Shimon


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